Monday, 23 February 2009

Lemons, Pancakes and Pancake Races

In my last post I mentioned the fantastic organic, unwaxed Lemons, I regularly obtain for Muchado. These are imported from Italy's Amalfi coast by L'Orto di Sorrento, and to digress a little from describing the Market run, I'd like to describe how some of the produce I buy is used.
Tomorrow, in the UK, it is Shrove Tuesday, and an UK tradition to make and eat pancakes.
so I'll be making pancakes and drizzling them with the juice of a few of these lemons, together with a litle sugar. Believe me, the taste is clean, pure and refreshing.

Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake day, falls between February 2 and March 9 each year, depending on the date for Easter. This year, 2009, Shrove Tuesday, falls on 24 February. The name 'shrove, originates from the old English word to 'shrive', meaning 'confess all sins', and is the day before Lent. It was, and remains popular for many, to celebrate the Lent period by fasting. Shrove Tuesday became the day on which to use up many of the ingredients to be given up for Lent, such as milk, butter and eggs, which would not be eaten again, until Easter.

Shrove Tuesday is not only celebrated here in the UK. New Orleans celebrtates it with it's "Mardi Gras", whilst Brazil's capital, Rio de Janeiro has it famously elaborate carnival. Here in Olney, the women of the town, take part in Olney's famous 'pancake race'. A tradition going back over 500 years, the race is run over a 415 yard (Around 380 Mtrs) course starting
outside The Bull public house, and ending at the gates of Olney church,
carrying, and tossing, their pancake. The winner receives the 'kiss of peace' from the Verger! which does not sound like much of a prize to me! Still I suspect there might now be a little more in it these day!

The team at Muchado Cafe in Olney will also be making and serving pancakes all day, and will be happy to provide a recipe, and suggest fillings.
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    This is fantastic!